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Want to know what this show is right for you? Take a listen to this eclectic mix of clips from our first few episodes before taking the plunge with episode 1!
Freaks & Creeks: a Dawson's Creek Podcast dives into the world of Capeside for a detailed scene-by-scene discussion of each episode of the hit '90s TV show Dawson's Creek. Join Cody, Stella, Mal and James as they set sail through turbulent waters determined to understand this iconic teen drama’s place in the modern television zeitgeist.

Whether you’re watching along with us for the first time or rewatching as a Dawson's Creek stan, join us for detailed discussions and theories of daily life in Capeside. This isn’t your typical Dawson’s Creek podcast. In fact, we may even uncover some hidden vampire lore. Listen along if you dare!

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