S1E11 - The Scare

S1E11 - The Scare


Pacey invites a woman from the convenience store to Dawson’s place for the usual Friday the 13th seance while a serial killer stalks Capeside in Season 1 Episode 11: the Scare, also known as Friday the 13th.
It’s Friday the 13th in Capeside, a perfectly normal excuse for “The Scare”! The Creek Freaks question how often Dawson is dressing up for Friday the 13th, wonder if Ursula is a long lost David Lynch character, compare and contrast various bonechilling screams, learn how to hotwire Pacey’s family car, and more! 

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Mal - 11:11_(Regina_Spektor_album)">11/11 and Home, Before and After by Regina Spektor

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